In an ideal world, a successful performance would mean a packed audience with undivided attention right from the first guitar riff to the final drum beat. But what if the experience causes the spectators to want to leave the show for its heaviness and yet come back for more? Reproduce Artists, a Delhi-based artist management company, is set to explore juxtaposition of such mind-twisting pieces tomorrow at the next installment of an experimental project titled, The Listening Room.

The project grew out of a simple idea: to fill the gap between the market for commercial and experimental music. "There are full-time and part-time artistes, who are creating new music but unable to find a market. We were often asked by sponsors for standalone gigs, 'How many people can you pull in?' We have no idea because we only make music," says Ashish Sachan, an artiste and member of Reproduce. Since its inception in 2016, the company has held successful events, each being as unpredictable, because "it's a no-rules playroom and music gets as diverse as it can."


Saturday's five-hour gig features artistes and bands from Mumbai and Pune, including Particlestorm, Silent Nerves, Sawhorse, Dummy Feelings, Muge and Riot Peddlers. From DIRGE's low-tuned, warped basslines in doom metal to hardcore punk offered by FalseFlag, there's much to discover in this diverse sound palette that oscillates between the aggressive and ambient sounds.

On September 9, 5 pm to 10 pm
At The Mumbai Assembly, St Veronica Road, Bandra West.
Call 9820373073 Entry '300