Vadodara: A Mumbai-based family has donated over 40 kgs gold to the Somnath temple in Gujarat.

"The family of Dilipbhai Lakhi, a diamond merchant, has donated 40.270 kgs of gold to the temple on May 8 after offering 'pooja'", Pravinbhai K Laheri, secretary of the Somnath Trust, told PTI on Tuesday.

"With this donation, the temple has received donation of over 100 kgs of gold from the same family over the last three years," Laheri added.

"The 100 kgs gold, estimated to be worth around Rs 30 crore, has been used for various parts of the temple", he said.

In December 2012, Vishindas Holaram and his son Dilip Lakhi had donated a gold platter of around 30 kgs to the Somnath temple.