The Khar police have arrested five accused, including the deceased’s girlfriend, Zoya Khan, in the murder of a 22-year-old boy at Carter Road, Bandra. The cops say that the girl may not have been aware of the murder, as she was told to alert her gang and then escape from the spot.

Zoya had called the victim, Rizwan Khan, to meet her at Carter Road on Monday. Khan, who was out with his friends in Khar, drove over to meet her, little suspecting that he was walking into an ambush, and he was stabbed to death. mid-day carried an article on Wednesday on the incident. (Read Story: Girl calls boyfriend to Carter Road, has him stabbed to death).

An officer from Khar police station said, “We have arrested the girl in connection with the murder. We have also arrested three more people, which brings total number of accused in this case to five. The girl had called the deceased Rizwan Khan to 22 Carter Road, to teach him a lesson and eliminate him from her life.”

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The arrested accused are Arshad Shaikh, Danish Shaikh (19), Ejaj Sayyad (21) Sameer Khan (18) and Zoya Khan (19). According to police officials, there are two groups in the case — one is the deceased Khan’s group while the other is main accused Arshad Shaikh’s group. Shaikh’s group used to take part in a lot of fights for the girl.

On one occasion, both groups and the girl had clashed at a pub in Khar, after which the situation was tense between the groups. The girl was with Shaikh and his friends when Khan arrived with his friends. The girl told Shaikh that she wanted to teach Khan a lesson and eliminate him from her life. Shaikh asked the girl to call Khan to Carter Road.

“We however, suspect that the girl may not be aware of the murder. She was told to alert Shaikh when Khan arrived at Carter Road and then escape,” said a police official. Everything happened according to plan. The girl called Khan late at night and asked him to meet her at Carter Road. Khan reached the spot and asked his friends to stay in the car.

Blissfully unaware of what was in store for him, Khan met his girlfriend and later went a little ahead to the spot where Shaikh was waiting to kill him. Khan was murdered by Shaikh and his friends while the girl escaped before the murder. The incident was seen by Khan’s friend Saif Mirza, who is the prime eyewitness in the case. All the five accused, including the girl, are currently in police custody and the police are investigating the matter further.