While airlines usually offload passengers due to security reasons or lack of documentation, on Sunday, a male flier was not allowed to board an IndiGo flight after he was found to be clicking pictures of a female staffer without her consent. When the woman asked him to delete the pictures, however, he started arguing.

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Neeraj Kumar, a passenger who was to travel on IndiGo’s 6E 321 (Mumbai-Guwahati via Kolkata), had checked in and was waiting in the boarding area. During this time, Pooja Gupta (name changed), a female staffer standing near the boarding gate noticed that he was clicking her pictures.

“As soon as it was noticed that the passenger had clicked the airline staff’s pictures, he was held. After being proved guilty, he was offloaded by the airline. The matter was solely handled by the airline,” said a senior airport official.

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IndiGo issued a statement about the incident: “IndiGo confirms an incident of misconduct on flight 6E 321 from Mumbai to Guwahati via Kolkata, on August 30, 2015, wherein a passenger was found clicking pictures of the IndiGo ground female staff.”

“The female staff noticed him clicking her pictures and requested the passenger for his phone to verify the same. She asked the passenger to delete her pictures, on which the passenger got aggressive with the staff.

He was thus, offloaded at Mumbai airport. Subsequently the passenger submitted an apology letter to the staff and was accepted on another IndiGo flight,” the statement reads.