Mumbai food: Juhu eatery teams up molecular cocktails with tapas-style food

Mumbai gets yet another eatery where molecular cocktails and tapas-style food rule the menu. The good news? Some of it is delicious

Food: Good
Service: Helpful
Ambiance: Relaxed

Baby Lamb Empenadas
Baby Lamb Empenadas

We were a bit wary when we stepped into a new eatery in Juhu — we were told that it would be serving tapas-style bites and molecular cocktails, complete with laboratory apparatus serving dishes. But Myx was a pleasant surprise. Contrary to the lab décor, things were simple and practical here (no potpourri of garish elements thrown in for shock value). The restaurant sported tall teakwood chairs, tables and comfy seating. An illustration of a compass covered one of the walls.
Spanning eight countries, the menu features classic and signature recipes and some deconstructed ones too. Divided into sections, Almost Raw, Grilled, Seared, Baked, Tossed, Steamed and Crisp, the menu has quite a few try-worthy options.
We began with the Tuffler Potatoes (Rs 350) from the Crisp section. The dish featured thinly-sliced potato spaghetti stuffed with spinach and red wine onions.

Vindaloo Duck. Pics/Prabhanjan Dhanu
Vindaloo Duck. Pics/Prabhanjan Dhanu

It was different, and the crunch with the melt-in-your-mouth filling got our vote. From the Baked section, we ordered the Baby Lamb Empenadas (Rs 450). Resem-bling a Gujarati ghugra or a Maharashtrian karanji, the small plate was our favourite. Stuffed with minced lamb and served with a mint chutney foam, the crispy eat could make for the perfect evening snack or starter. Next, we opted for the Vindaloo Duck (Rs 600) from the grilled section. Served in warm, light crepes, we found the meat slightly chewy though the traditional vindaloo masala impressed us. The bar menu made our spirits soar (pun intended).

Sweet Smoked Cosmo
Sweet Smoked Cosmo

We asked for a Sweet Smoked Cosmo (Rs 450). Served with much fanfare, the lipsmacking concoction blended vodka, cranberry, coconut fudge, smoked orange zest and kaffir lime. Our second drink was from the Tiki cocktail section. We were warned by our server that the Caribbean-style cocktails come with a lot of ice and can taste diluted once the ice melts. While he was correct, we enjoyed the Caribbean Star (Rs 500) — a mix of dark rum, pineapple, peach and lime, with a distinct flavour of the star anise.

A giant compass adorns one of the walls
A giant compass adorns one of the walls

The cutest part about our meal were the complimentary lollipops made for us at our table. The server squeezed a mix of three flavours of crush on a stick and they were frozen using liquid nitrogen. We could taste each of the flavours separately in the lollipops. Though we felt the pricing was steep, particularly for tapas-style portions, the warm and smiling service evened out things nicely.

Time: 12 noon to 1.30 am
At: Ground floor, Navratan Apartment, AB Nair Road, beside Juhu Post Office, Juhu.
Call: 60226800

Myx didn’t know we were there. the guide reviews anonymously and pays for its meals.



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