Makhana Ki Kheer 

Those who will be indulging in a month long vegetarian affair, can quickly take a look at the recipe of Makhana Ki Kheer and enjoy a delicious desi dessert during the month of Shravan

1. 500 ml Organic milk
2. 1 cup Makhana or Fox nuts
3. 2-3 Green Cardamom powdered
4. 10-12 Almonds, sliced
5. 10-12 Cashews, sliced
6. Sugar as required
7. A pinch of saffron

1. Heat milk first when the milk comes to a boil, add makhana and simmer the milk with occasional stirring on a low to medium flame.
2. After 5 minutes add the sugar, cardamom and pinch of saffron.
3. When the kheer is simmering, add the almonds to the hot water and keep aside for 8-10 minutes, drain and peel them. Slice the almonds and chop the cashews. Simmer the milk for a total time of 12-15 minutes on a low to medium flame with occasional stirring.
4. If you want you can simmer for some more minutes to get a slightly thick consistency. However keep on stirring often.
5. Lastly add almonds and cashews. Switch off the fire.

Garnish with dry fruits, saffron strands and serve the makhana Ki kheer hot or warm or cold.

(Recipe by: Kamlesh Rawat
Executive Chef, Grand Sarovar Premiere)