Mumbai food: 6 innovative dosas you cannot afford to miss

Oct 10, 2017, 14:52 IST | mid-day online correspondent

The famous south Indian dosa is one of the most popular crossover items. Here are 6 best unusual dosas we recommend you to try when you are in Mumbai

Dosa, one of the popular south Indian dishes, occupies a significant place in Mumbai’s culinary map. With the usual variety available across Mumbai, plenty of street food joints and restaurants in the city put a spin on the classic.

Mumbai food: 7 best unusual dosas you must try for a freaking taste

Here are 6 best unusual dosas we recommend you must try in Mumbai.

1. Jini dosa: This buttery and cheesy delicacy is every Mumbai street food vendor’s answer to pizza. The dosa is cooked with butter and stuffed with a spicy mixture of vegetables. It is then garnished with loads of cheese and sliced with a pizza cutter. Jini dosa is yummy and fulfilling. It can be savoured alone or along with mint and coconut chutney.
Where: Nandu Dosa Dinner (Borivli West), Sai Swad dosa (Khau Galli in Ghatkopar East), Tirupati Dosa (Vashi)

Mumbai food: 7 best unusual dosas you must try for a freaking taste

2. Pizza Dosa: Wonder how pizza with a dosa as a base will taste? Well, we assure you that this unusual version of dosa will leave you in twists. This unique variation of dosa is filled with a generous portion of finely chopped tomatoes, capsicum, onions, boiled corns and molten cheese. A thin crust base with all the goodness of cheese and veggies, this Indo-Italian dish is a must-have if you are looking out for unusual dosas in Mumbai.
Where: Nandu Dosa Dinner (Juhu and Borivli West), Dhiraj Special Sandwich (Vile Parle West), Simply Saraswat (Borivli West)

Mumbai food: 7 best unusual dosas you must try for a freaking taste

3. Cocktail Dosa: The name of this dosa will grab your attention in a second. Sorry to disappoint you, but as the name suggests, cocktail dosa does not contain alcohol. The stuffing of cocktail dosa contains finely chopped vegetables cooked in butter, an assortment of vegetables and a generous portion of garlic. It is topped with cheese and paired with flavourful chutneys. This unique and affordable dosa is available in several eateries in Mumbai.
Where: Ayyappan Idli stall (Matunga East)

4. Chocolate Dosa: Yes, chocolate goes well with everything and a dish made of chocolate can be savoured anytime of the day. A thin, crunchy dosa crust is loaded with ample of thick, hot and molten chocolate to make this unique and yummilicious dish. It is later topped with choco chips to enhance its look and taste. Gobble up this quirky dosa either as a main course or as dessert.
Where: Nandu Dosa Diner at Juhu and Borivli West

Mumbai food: 7 best unusual dosas you must try for a freaking taste

5. Cheeseburst masala dosa: If you crave for cheese, cheese and only cheese, then you should try this delicious alternative to regular dosa in Mumbai. A simple yet delicious and gigantic cheese burst masala dosa will fill every corner of your stomach. A handful of creamy, gooey cheese oozes from top to end of the crisp dosa lining and sums up to be a perfect food for cheese lovers. Stuffed with veggies and topped with molten cheese, the dosa is not only a feast for your stomach, but also for your eyes.
Where: Pure Milk Centre, Ghatkopar Khau Galli, Ghatkopar (E)

Mumbai food: 7 best unusual dosas you must try for a freaking taste

6. Pav Bhaji dosa: This is a fusion of two popular delicacies- Pav Bhaji from Maharashtra and Dosa from south India. Pav bhaji dosa is an extended version of the regular masala dosa with an extra dash of spices and vegetables. The typical pav bhaji filling is spread all over the dosa, garnished with finely chopped onions, folded and served hot. This dosa is a yummilious alternative to the regular dosa and is perfect for pav bhaji lovers.
Where: Guru Kripa (Sion), Nandu Dosa Dinner (Juhu and Borivli West)

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