Mumbai for kids  If a mother of a toddler had to be asked what they would wish for if they ever encountered a wish-granting fairy, many I know would say a day of pampering and knowing that their baby was being taken care of in a state-of-the art play area.

Well, dreams have come true. Mumbai has a place where you can spend the day, where your child has the time of their life, where you can fill in on yummy food and an array of beverages and then you can be whisked off for a spa session.

Millk, which is a take on Kamala Mill as well as the Hindi word ‘Milke’, is a combination of luxury and entertainment. The décor is chic, where the reception is dressed in grey and white, and opens into three zones: the café, the children’s area and the spa.

We head to the play area. It’s a surprise. I’ve visited several play centres in Mumbai. This one tops the list, immediately. I can see space. The colours in the play area are bright yet gentle.

Kamala Mill

A couple of unique equipment are placed around — the hand glider, the tricycle merry-go-round and a multiple-seater mechanical swing. I also see space where books are kept for kids who want quiet time, and a sand pit with clean, clay-like sand.

The usual trampoline, ball pool, slides, are there. Every three feet of the children's space is covered with cameras and the assistance in the play area, are trained personnel. The focus on safety and fun is obvious.

Kamala Mill

There are two cafeterias — one for kids and another for adults. Food from one can be served to another. After an hour’s play, and severe threats, they are extracted for a meal. Each kid meal is kiddy-sized. The best part is that the kitchen is live for kids.

Thus the kids can go and fix their meal in a DIY kitchen with a chef trained to work with kids, if they want to. And they do.

The food is delicious. The portions are right. Everything has been thought of carefully. The fun doesn’t stop. The spa beckons.

There are parent and child haircuts to be taken together. Vani goes for one and I take a foot massage.

The choices or massages and spas vary according to the time you have in hand. You can keep you kids playing happily for an hour and get a rope massage, while sipping on detox juice or, like me, chamomile tea.

I never want to leave this place.