The shooter and the mastermind of the case in which a 32-year-old small time gangster from Wadala was shot dead on September 10, have been arrested. Cops from the Anti-Dacoity and Robbery Cell of the Crime Branch say that the mastermind had opted for a style right out of Bollywood to kill his rival gang leader.

Yadav had been planning to shoot Arjun alias Munna Jaiswal (in pic) since a year
Yadav had been planning to shoot Arjun alias Munna Jaiswal (in pic) since a year

He hired a shooter from jail, made the shooter infiltrate his rival’s gang and then shot his enemy to death. According to police officials, the mastermind, who was arrested from Andheri on Friday, has been identified as Nityanand alias Nitu Ganpat Yadav while the shooter Dinesh alias Sunny Ramesh Chauhan was arrested the previous week.

An officer from the Crime Branch said, “We had the name of the shooter Sunny but it was difficult to track him down as he was constantly changing his location. Finally, we picked him up from Dombivli. During the course of the investigations, it was revealed that the mastermind Yadav had been planning to shoot his rival gang leader Arjun alias Munna Jaiswal since a year’s time.”

Shady deal
Last year in October, Sunny and Yadav met inside Arthur Road Jail premises in which the duo struck a deal for Rs 2 lakh. “Yadav was serving time for a firing case while Sunny was inside the jail for some robbery case, but after Sunny got out of jail in December, he was sent to Bihar and he got training for firing.

After this, he got involved in Munna's gang in the month of January and slowly and steadily Sunny became a close aide of Munna,” added the officer. Munna was a resident of Pratiksha Nagar in Sion and Sunny was so successful in becoming a close aide of his gang leader that Munna even got him a room in the same area and gave him money for monthly expenses.

Since the time of joining Munna’s group, Sunny and Yadav never made the mistake of speaking over the phone with each other. Instead, they always met outside. On September 10, sighting an opportunity, Sunny fired four rounds at Munna, killing him on the spot.

“After having his dinner, Munna had come out for a walk along with Sunny and their third unidentified accomplice when Sunny suddenly started firing. Shocked, the third accomplice fled from the spot,” said an officer.

The officer further added, “Both Munna and Yadav are real estate brokers but that was not really their business, as their real money comes from extortion, kidnapping and arms assault cases. Both have a very big crime sheet as they have been running their gangs since the last 10 years,” added an officer.