Daring to raise their voice against goons who were harassing them led to three women getting stoned and attacked in their own house in Versova on Tuesday. While two of them were discharged after being given stitches, one suffered severe head injuries and was admitted to Nanavati Hospital.

She was discharged yesterday. The Versova police have registered a case of attempt to murder against unidentified accused. The women, who are between 20 and 22 years old and do small roles in television and reality shows, live in a rented flat on the third floor of Maria Apartment at Yari Road, Versova (Andheri West).

While one of them had been living in the flat for a year, the other two had moved in about a fortnight ago. According to the police, the women returned home late because their job kept them out for long and, for nearly a week, they were being harassed by some men outside the building, who passed lewd comments at them.

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Fed up, the women complained to the society members about the harassment two days before the incident, and they informed the police.

The women told the police that around 5 am on Tuesday, some goons entered their house through the window and began throwing stones at them and attacked them. “They said it was dark and they could not make out the faces of the men, but saw a man escape through the window wearing a yellow T-shirt,” said an officer from Versova police station.

The police have detained four suspects. “We have detained a man we found in the locality in a yellow T-shirt, but he said that he was out for his morning walk. Based on what the women have told us, we suspect that some of the men who harassed them must have attacked them because they complained,” added the officer.

The Versova police are still trying to figure out how the men climbed up to the third floor and entered the women’s flat. They have registered a case of attempt to murder and are questioning the watchmen of the building to find out more about the men who harassed the women.