Mumbai: H1N1-afflicted woman delivers healthy baby boy

The 2.4kg baby boy, born on March 17 in the MICU of KEM hospital, can easily be taken as the only silver lining to grim scenario of swine flu epidemic that has claimed over 33 lives in Mumbai Hospitals within three months. While the number of patients and death toll of the epidemic has maintained worrisome, steady graph, Bhagyashree Raikar, suffering from H1N1 gave birth to the baby boy, through a completely natural delivery. The Nashik family that has lost all hopes after seeing the critical condition of Raikar is eternally thankful to the efforts of the doctors who managed to conduct the complicated surgery.

The family had traveled from Nashik to Pune for treatment and eventually landed in Mumbai when referred by the doctors. Raikar who was nine months pregnant and suffering from ARDS and acute pneumonia, was transferred due to the probable complications that might’ve resulted in abortion of the child. However, while the woman was admitted in MICU ward due to her infection, and went into labor, the same day she was brought to the hospital, a team of gynecologists, anesthetists and medicine experts, decided to take the risk and successfully attended the emergency.

When spoke with Dr S V Parulekar, HOD Dept of Obstetric and Gynecology, he said that the doctors brilliantly attended to the emergency. “Though we don’t have too many case studies of babies catching the infection of the mother when it comes to H1N1 case but there is a lot of risk of premature death or abortions if the mother is tested H1N1 positive. However in this case, it was a completely normal delivery that we were able to achieve,” said Parulekar.

While Raikar continues to be on ventilator, due to acute pneumonia and chest infection, doctors confirmed that she is recuperating. Dr Shubhangi Parker, Deputy Dean said all the doctors are rooting for her speedy recovery. “I am personally visiting Raikar daily and updated about her daily health updates. Our doctors have been brilliant to successfully undertake such a complicated operation. Now we want the woman and baby to have a speedy recovery,” said Parker.

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