Mumbai: Hospital lets biker die over Rs 9,000 shortfall in fee

Karuna Hospital in Borivli refused to admit the biker, who was crushed under a school bus, unless a fee of Rs 20,000  was paid in full in advance for his treatment

Borivli’s Karuna hospital proved itself a misnomer. Showing no pity, it refused to admit an injured biker after he met with an accident on Wednesday evening, following which he succumbed to his injuries.

Karuna Hospital
No mercy: Cops and locals outside Karuna Hospital after the incident

Police said the hospital authorities demanded Rs 20,000 as fee for treatment, and even after they were offered Rs 11,000 by the people who had brought the biker, they refused to admit him, insisting that the fee ought to be paid in full.

The deceased, identified as Prakashchandra Rai (46), was crushed under the rear wheel of a school bus on Wednesday evening in Borivli (West), where he ran a motor training school. After the mishap, three locals rushed him to Karuna in an auto rickshaw, but they hadn’t anticipated that the urgency of the situation would be wasted on the doctors there.

One of the locals, Devendra Ambekar, said in his statement to the police, “The accident took place at 4.45 pm on Wednesday, and the three of us took the injured stranger to Karuna hospital in an auto rickshaw. Meanwhile, I informed the police on ‘100’ about the incident. But when we got to the hospital, the doctors refused to admit him, demanding a Rs 20,000 fee.”

He continued, “We didn’t know the biker, and we had informed his family members, who said they’d reach with the money in an hour. We explained the situation to the doctors and told them he would die if denied instant treatment. We also asked the police constable who had arrived to intervene and help save the man’s life.”

The cop, too, got the same cold response.  “Though the three of us managed to give Rs 11,000 to the hospital,” Ambekar said, “they told us that until they received the entire sum of Rs 20,000, they would not admit him.”

Forty minutes later, during which the hospital was haggling over the fees, Rai died.

“He died in front of me, but the doctors didn’t even touch him, because for them money is more important than someone’s life. After this incident, I have learnt a lesson: it is useless to try and help someone. I gave my statement to the MHB police for registering a complaint against the negligence of the doctor on duty.”

But the cops said they couldn’t book the hospital staff. Police Inspector Anil Ahwad of MHB police said, “We recorded Ambekar’s statement and have sent all the case papers to the legal department to get an opinion. We can’t register an FIR against the doctors or the hospital yet, but will take proper action after getting the legal counsel.”

DCP Balsingh Rajput (Zone XI) said, “We arrested the school bus driver, Yogesh Bhuvad (38), and he was released on bail.”

Authorities at Karuna Hospital refused to utter a word regarding the incident.



  • suhail20-Dec-2014

    FIR should be registered immediately against hospital and licence for hospital to be cancalled immeditaley and Police and government has to take action soon against the hospital cant wait to let more person die. Please the Maharshtra governement or the Bombay High Court Should take Suo moto and take action soon and urgently/

  • Naushad Khan25-Dec-2014

    A strong action is mandate against the hospital.Things are changing now.Thease bastards should be punished for sure.My appeal to people; don't let it go easy.

  • Hary23-Dec-2014

    Pathetic. Just a pathetic excuse for a hospital

  • Karan20-Dec-2014

    No humanity angle ,no one is bothered ,or i could say no human value.Shame on my countrymen.Hospital and Hospital staff cant even think about the loss to thefamily of the bikerAlso Our policemen cant register a complaint on staff,why and if not then a shame as no rules are made for humanity

  • abhishek23-Dec-2014

    these days doctors are the real corrupt businessman... there is no difference between doctors and osama bin laden or hafij saeed or any such persons, and hospital are no less than a maoist or D- company or any other such organisation who just want to get ransom from people and then only leave them.. great job Karuna Hospital ... you just showed that you bastards get trained with TAX PAYERS money funded institute and you give damn to them

  • Gautam Kadam20-Dec-2014

    Sad !

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