Mumbai's iconic Rhythm House is shut, but its brand name will live on

Owners of iconic store may have sold company, but have retained its name

Mehmood Curmally
Mehmood Curmally

Mumbai's iconic music store may have downed shutters, but its rhythm hasn't. The Curmally family, which owns the store, says they have kept the brand name, which could be used for a future venture.

Mehmood Curmally, owner of Rhythm House said, "We have sold the company, but kept the brand name with us. If it all in the future we want to come up with another such venture, we can use our brand name with that."

Rhythm House
Rhythm House

The store, located at Kala Ghoda, shut down in March last year and was recently sold to jewellery designer Nirav Modi. He will now be establishing a diamond store there. The spokesperson for Nirav Modi did not divulge any details about the purchase. There was no registration process that took place with the registrar office, as the entire company was sold for an undisclosed amount.

Sulaiman Nensy, a close friend of the Curmallys founded the store in the early 1940s. Mehmood Curmally's father, fondly called 'Mammo', later took over the business and started out selling jukeboxes and LP players. Among the celebrity visitors of the store are stalwart musicians Zakir Hussain, Pandit Ravi Shankar and AR Rahman.

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