Mumbai: Juhu resident's remains fail to reach his family in time for his funeral

Mumbai: Juhu resident's remains fail to reach his family in time for his funeralRepresentational Image

In a macabre incident the remains of a Juhu resident failed to arrive in time for his funeral mass on Friday. Exalt D’Sa, an SOTC employee was posted at London and Paris, where he passed away in a Paris hotel after complaining of chest pain.

As per a report by the Times Of India, D’Sa died on the night of June 14, 2017 and it has been an uphill task for the family of the deceased to get his remains repatriated to India.

The family is distraught after they did not receive D’Sa’s remains in Mumbai even after assurances by the concerned body in time for his funeral mass on Friday. Exhalt’s brother, Malcom said, “We even placed an announcement in the newspaper based on assurances that turned out to be hollow. We were promised that the remains would reach the city on Thursday. Now we are told there will be a day's delay. So Friday's funeral mass has been turned into a memorial mass and the funeral mass will take place on Saturday."

Exhalt died in his hotel room in Paris after complaining of chest pain and since then his family has tried, in vain, to receive his remains. Subsequently his employer contact a UK insurance firm to assist with the repatriation. The firm in-turn called a French undertaker to tackle the matter. Exhalt’s brother said, "We were promised the remains would arrive in three days.... However the agencies made a series of mistakes. First they failed to attest the required documents for the Indian embassy... Then they addressed the consignment to the insurance firm in the UK instead of us in Mumbai,"

Only after former MLA, Krishna Hegde tweeted the issue to external affaird sminister Sushma Swaraj was the matter expedited and Exhalt’s remains are likely to reach his family a day later than promised.



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