Mumbai: Malwani teens accuse school principal of thrashing them

Claim principal threatened them with expulsion if they revealed they were beaten for damaging school property

An incident in Malwani will once again shed light on whether schools should be disciplining their students, physically or verbally. Two SSC students of The Holy Angel English School have alleged that their school principal beat them up for over an hour.

Teenagers Asif Khan and Tabrez Qureshi, both 15, say that they have been sick ever since their principal beat them up
Teenagers Asif Khan and Tabrez Qureshi, both 15, say that they have been sick ever since their principal beat them up

Tabrez Qureshi, (15), and Asif Khan, (15), alleged that principal K Simsan punished them since he believed they had damaged a fan and CCTV camera in a classroom. The two say they are scared to return to school, leading their parents to approach the police station to register a complaint.

The two said they went to school on Friday morning, when Annamma Bennacoshi, the headmistress of the school, called them to inquire about a broken fan and CCTV. According to Tabrez, she then sent them to the principal. “He beat us, and made us crouch on the floor and hold our ears for an hour,” Tabrez alleged.

The two said that he threatened to expel them if they told anyone about the punishment. “Fans and CCTVs are damaged in several classrooms. I have no idea who did it,” said Qureshi. “Since they saw an adhesive bandage on a finger on my right hand, they assumed that I had been injured while damaging the CCTV.”

Post the incident, his father Aslam Qureshi told sunday mid-day that he had received a call from the school but he was busy at work in Jogeshwari, and couldn’t make it. “The principal then called my wife to school and spoke rudely with her.

When I returned home at night, my son complained of pain in his stomach and legs. He had fever and was unable to walk.” Qureshi approached the Malwani police to file a FIR, but a non Cognizable complaint was filed. Just like Tabrez, Asif’s parents have the same story to share.

“I came to know about the incident when I reached home at around 10 pm in the night. My son’s ear was aching and there were bruises on his stomach and he had fever. I immediately took him to the doctor, but he is still in pain,” said mechanic Anwar Khan, Asif’s father.

“I went to the police station as the allegation which the principal had made is baseless and untrue. My son usually concentrates on his studies,” he said. K Simsan accepted that the boys were punished but rubbished allegations of thrashing.

“Other students informed us that these two boys had broken the CCTV. When I called their parents, they did not show up, Tabrez’s father told me to punish him as I wished,” he said. Milind Khetle, senior police inspector at Malwani police station, said, investigations are on.

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