Mumbai: Man commits suicide at Nair Hospital

The 35-year-old was in hospital after an unsuccessful attempt to kill himself

A 35-year-old man, who was admitted to Nair Hospital after an attempt to commit suicide by consuming rat poison, jumped to his death at the hospital, days before he was to get discharged. The deceased has been identified as Vinod Shamji Makhwana, a resident of Tulsiwadi, Shiv Nagar, Tardeo. He is survived by his wife, two brothers and mother.

Mumbai: Man commits suicide at Nair Hospital
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On January 13, Makhwana called his wife from Saat Rasta, Mahalaxmi to tell her that he has consumed rat poison. He told her that he didn’t want to live anymore as he was unable to get a job. He also called his brother and told him the same. The two rushed to Saat Rasta, only to discover an unconscious Makhwana. They admitted him to Nair hospital.

On Saturday, his elder brother left for work at 7 am after spending the previous night with Makhwana. When his mother arrived at the hospital to take care of him, she discovered that he was missing. She immediately informed the her elder son, who came back from work and started searching for him. Police Sub-Inspector Kalyani Kasode said, “Vinod’s family searched for him everywhere at hospital. They also went to the railway station and near the bar as he was an alcoholic. When they finally returned to the hospital, they saw a crowd gathered behind the building and realised his body lay in its midst.

She further added, “Vinod’s mother and wife said that the reason for the suicide was that he was unemployed and an alcoholic, because of which he was feeling guilty.” Vinod got married a year and half ago and also has an 11-month-old son. A case of accidental death was registered at Agripada police.

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