Mumbai: Man loses life after saving 6 people from Powai building blaze

The 28-year-old got tragically stuck in the lift during his third attempt to save residents from the burning tower

When Tausif Shaikh (28), a resident of a chawl adjacent to the residential tower Lake Home in Powai realised that the building was on fire, he ran in to save those stuck in the blaze. He saved nearly five to six people but on his third attempt he tragically got stuck in the lift. When fire officials reached the spot, he was reportedly found dead.

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Tausif Shaikh’s father Naseerulla Shaikh (centre)
Tausif Shaikh’s father Naseerulla Shaikh (centre)

Waseem Mulla, Tausif’s neighbour, said, “Tausif ran immediately to the building after realising that it was on fire. He successfully saved a few people but in his last attempt, he got stuck in the lift and later we were told that we have lost the braveheart.” The deceased, who used to undertake contract jobs at real estate sites, was the only earning member of his family. His father, Naseerulla Shaikh, was inconsolable. Now the burden of running the family, which comprises one more son who is mentally challenged, rests on him.

Tausif Shaikh was a resident of a chawl adjacent to Lake Home
Tausif Shaikh was a resident of a chawl adjacent to Lake Home

At the time of going to press, the body remained at HL Hiranandani Hospital, Powai, even as the family wanted to take the body away for final rites. As the delay in the post-mortem became an issue, the local residents approached their MP Poonam Mahajan, who spoke to the police for a speedy post- mortem. However, where to conduct the post-mortem remained an issue and according to the relatives, the medical procedure will be conducted at Rajawadi hospital, although the body still lies at the Hiranandani Hospital. One of Tausif’s relatives said, “We are not in a hurry for the post-mortem to be done at night. It should be done early in the morning, as all relatives have left from Solapur.”

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