Mumbai: Man makes hoax call to harass cops who picked up his brother

To seek revenge on the police who picked up his younger brother, arrested many times before for stealing mobile phones, a 20-yr-old made a hoax call about bombs at a Borivli mall. The police, who searched it for hours after the call on January 16, arrested the older brother, Shabaz Ansari, (20), on Wednesday.

“There are five bombs kept in two bags in a corner on the second floor in Moksh mall,” was the call the police control room got on January 16. Immediately officers from Borivali police station, the Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad (BDDS), sniffer dogs and other police teams reached the spot and after conducting a two-hour search operation found the call was a hoax.

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Unknown to the police, the caller had been standing at the foot overbridge nearby and watching the drama. After the police left, the caller called again and told them that the bombs were still inside the mall. The police searched again and found nothing. This time too the caller was at the foot overbridge watching.

Finding that the second call also was a hoax call, the police and the Crime Branch began investigations. “We found two men who owned the SIM cards from which the calls were made,” said API Manohar Hadpure from Unit 11. Cops found that both the mobile phones had been stolen a few days before the hoax calls.

They traced the IMEI number of the phone of the hoax caller and arrested Ansari. When questioned, Ansari said that he wanted to take revenge from them as they had arrested his 18-year-old younger brother many times for mobile robberies. "He thought that the police had been harassing his brother and wanted to harass the police in a similar manner,” said an inspector.

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