Mumbai: Minor gives foster home the slip, found at mother's place

Jul 23, 2015, 09:48 IST | Shiva Devnath

A 16-year-old girl, who had been rescued two years ago from the clutches of three of her relatives who had raped her, gave the Juhu cops a scare after she went missing on Tuesday.

However, the Juhu police heaved a sigh of relief when, after investigating, they found the girl at her own house in Tardeo the same night. The girl had apparently been missing her mother.

A couple of years ago, the girl had gone through immense trauma after she had been raped by three of her relatives, and as per the procedure, had been adopted by a Juhu NGO, where she was supposed to stay till becoming a major.

Mom knows best
On Tuesday, the girl left for school, and failed to return in the evening. People started panicking and the NGO immediately informed the Juhu police; the cops registered a kidnapping case against unknown persons.

The Juhu police inquired about her background, and they checked with the Tardeo police whether the accused who had raped the child had been released from jail. According to sources, the Tardeo police replied that all three accused were still in jail.

The Juhu police then asked their Tardeo counterparts to check at the child’s mother’s residence in the area. Police then reached her house and saw the child happily playing with her mother. She was brought back and restored to the custody of the NGO.

Police speak
“The girl is a minor and went missing. When we asked her the reason for her visit, she said that she was missing her mother,” said Police Inspector Kailash Avhad from Juhu police station.

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