Mumbai: Andheri resident finds metal shards in mint pack
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His mint of choice is the mint with a hole, but on May 30, when Archie D'Souza bought his daily quota of Nestle Polo, he didn't expect the mint to come with a metal piece embedded in it.

According to the 31-year-old Andheri resident, he had already had two-three mints, when he pulled out the fourth one and pricked his finger.

Incidentally, he had bought it with his four-year-old son, who he regularly shares it with.

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He has now complained about this to both Nestle and the FDA.

'Lucky son didn't eat'
Speaking to mid-day, D'Souza said, "I purchased a few Polo packs on Tuesday and opened one, but when I was picking out the mint, I injured my finger. I then saw multiple sharp metal pieces sticking out of the edible mint. I was lucky that I had not consumed it nor had my son," adding, "I have contacted Nestlé, but they don't seem interested in tackling it. They are insisting that I return the sample in question for investigation, but I refused because I know they will destroy it. I want it as evidence." He further said that he had also notified the FDA but had not received a response yet.

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Nestle says
Meanwhile, a spokesperson from Nestlé said, "We met the consumer the very next day. During the meeting, our team took the consumer through stringent quality controls established at various stages and assured him that we would address the complaint. But despite our request, the consumer has not yet shared the sample, without which it is not possible to investigate further. The consumer has asked us to meet tomorrow, and we expect to take forward the investigation."