Mumbai crime: Andheri theft leaves unique mobile thief exposed

This 40-year-old's unique way of stealing mobile phones and then selling them outside Mumbai has kept him away from the police.

However, a recent incident has left him exposed after the victim, who had seen his photo in a mid-day article, registered a complaint with the police, mentioning the resemblance.

The police said the accused, Shakeel Zariwala, is a habitual offender.

Modus operandi
On February 20, Zariwala, posing as a businessman, visited Nitesh Goth's (26) shop, Phone Decor, in Andheri and said he wanted to buy phones for his friends and relatives. After buying a couple of phones, Zariwala told Goth that he had to withdraw cash from an ATM in Jogeshwari and asked him to send a sales boy along to collect the money.

Goth sent a staffer with the accused to the Jogeshwari shopping centre. After coming out from an ATM booth, Zariwala told the boy that cash was not available and gave him a cheque and his address.

Goth said, "The cheque and the address were fake. I informed the DN Nagar police, who filed an FIR."

"We are on the lookout for the accused. He has been involved in such crimes in the past," said senior inspector Dhanaji Nalawade.

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