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Is the Mumbai police control room leaking your contact number when you call 100? Prithviraj Maske, a social activist has alleged so.

Maske said after he complained about a local restaurant serving alcohol and hookah all night, he received a call from a man who said he had records of his calls made to the control room. Maske has alleged that cops leaked his identity.

Maske had received information on Sunday about the restaurant in Amboli serving hookah and alcohol to customers till 6 am. To verify it, he visited the establishment around 3 am, and saw that it was still open for business with music, hookah and liquor all flowing in good measure. He then dialled 100 to complain, but no action was taken and the hotel was open till its usual timings.

Things got odd on Monday evening, when Maske received a call from an unknown number. The caller asked him why he complained two-three times about their restaurant to the police control room and what his problem was. When Maske asked him how he got to know about his call to the cops, because he hadn't informed anyone except the control room, the caller claimed that he has a recording of his calls to the control room.

Maske told mid-day, "It is really shocking; if we have any problem, the police say we should dial 100 and submit our complaint without any fear. But in this case, all of my details have been leaked. Now what should I do to trust the police? I am very scared. These people may be some big goons or mafia. My life is under threat now."

Following the incident, Maske has filed a complaint to the Amboli police station. Rashmi Karandikar, deputy commissioner of police and Mumbai police spokesperson said, "We have received the complaint and we are investigating the matter."