Accused Karan Pawar
Accused Karan Pawar

Love can be ugly. This 16-year-old from Bandra East found this out the hard way. The resident of Behrampada was sold off by her boyfriend to a group running a human trafficking racket under the guise of a marriage bureau in Nashik, and the latter married her off to a 23-year-old driver from Ahmedabad, cheating even him in the process, taking Rs 75,000 from him.

The Bandra police have detained the 19-year-old boyfriend, a Govandi resident.

Lured for a job
Sources said the incident came to light when the victim called her family members for help after being married off a few days ago. Her brother, who approached the police on Wednesday, said the teenager and the accused, identified as Karan Anil Pawar, had been together at least since the last one-and-a-half year and Pawar used to regularly visit their home.

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The two had met in a funfair in the area, where the accused used to work and had also managed to get odd jobs for the girl after she'd said she was looking for employment.

"Two weeks ago, Pawar had taken her to Nashik, saying he had a job for the both of them at another funfair there. The two even stayed with our elder sister and brother-in-law in Nashik for a few days. Later, he took her to an unknown place and handed her over to a woman identified as Rani," the victim's brother said.

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Rani took the girl to Malegaon, where the kingpin of the racket, Nasim Aapaa, was running the fake marriage bureau. The women, along with another member of their group, known as Salim bhai, made fake documents of the girl, changing her age, name and religion, showing her as a Hindu.

The illegal marriage
The other victim of the group was 23-year-old Mansingh Ashasingh, a resident of Ahmedabad, who was looking to get married. The racketeers took Rs 75,000 from him and married the girl off to him.

"Rani did not allow me venture out. One day, she took me to Malegaon, where she took my signature on a stamp paper and forcibly married me to Mansingh. When I refused to go with him, Rani suggested to me that I go now and ransack his place of all the gold and cash and flee the next morning," the victim told mid-day.

"I revealed their entire plan to Mansingh and also told him what had happened with me. He wasn't aware of all that. He agreed to send me home to my parents, after which, I contacted them."

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Mansingh said, "Salim bhai told me that the girl was 23 and an orphan with her only surviving kin being a brother. It was a shock to find out that she was a minor and how she had been kidnapped and brought here. When she revealed to me that they had asked her to rob me, I realised that I had been duped."

The police said they are interrogating Pawar for details on his role in the racket and on the whereabouts of the other members.

Rs 75k
Amount the accused took from the groom, unaware of the racket

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