Mumbai: Nirbhaya women's squad catches 54-year-old pickpocket

The all-women Nirbhaya squads of GRP that tackle crimes against female commuters on Mumbai local trains has managed to arrest a 54-year-old woman who was involved in stealing from several women passengers on the Central and Harbour line.

Recently, a couple of squad members posted at Dadar station noticed a woman displaying suspicious behaviour on platform 4 on the Central line.

Soniya Godse and Bharti Bagul, the two members of the squad immediately changed into plainclothes and after wearing a ‘burkha” decided to follow the 54-year-old woman. The elderly woman picked the purse of a woman getting into the 5pm Badlapur train from Dadar. The Nirbhaya squad members immediately caught hold of the woman.

This incident also helped the Railway Police solve several other cases. The Nirbhaya Women Squad recovered Rs 1,48,000 from the woman.

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