Mumbai: Now get police clearance certificate in just 10 days

The whole process, which used to take at least three months earlier, has now been moved online

Mumbai police yesterday took the process of applying for clearance certificate online, thus curtailing the three-month time frame that it used to normally take. The online process is expected to take 10 days.

Additional CP RD Shinde (left) and DCP Ankush Shinde (right) showing the website for the police clearance certificate
Additional CP RD Shinde (left) and DCP Ankush Shinde (right) showing the website for the police clearance certificate

“Every year we issue nearly 80,000 such certificates to people. Earlier applicants had to come all the way to Special Branch (SB) office in south Mumbai, at least four times for various processes. Now he or she will have to visit the concerned police station just once for verification,” said Additional Commissioner of Police, central region RD Shinde, who is currently holding the additional charge of SB.

For those who are applying for jobs abroad or government ones, this news comes as a relief. Agencies that provide security guards to various organisations, housing societies are also glad of this development. It is not necessary to be a resident of Maharashtra. For people staying in the city on rent, police would ask for rent agreement or other documents to prove the tenancy.

“The entire system has become transparent. A unique serial number printed on the certificate will provide the scope for cross verification, hence there is no question of duplicate certificate,” said Ankush Shinde, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Special Branch 1.

How the online system works
>> Log on to:

>> Register with the SB using your cellphone number or username. A password will be will be given for login.

>> Using your cell phone number and the given password, fill up the form online and submit.

>> Pay the fee required for the certificate online.

>> Through SMS, you will be given a specific date in the next 3-4 days, on which you will have to visit the police station that falls under your area’s jurisdiction with necessary documents. 

>> Police will submit a report to SB, after verification

>> SB will then issue the certificate with a digital signature by uploading it online and you will be informed about the same through a text message.

>> Login using the cellphone number and password to download the final certificate copy or get a printout.



  • Saket G.13-May-2016

    Wow! That's a great news. But what happens to the bribe taken by police? During this process.Shall we pay via NEFT or Paytm. No matter how simplified the process is. Police will still ask for BRIBE or let me put it this way. they will not refuse taking bribe.

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