Mumbai: Onion, potato traders at Vashi calls off strike

Dec 22, 2014, 18:42 IST | Ankoor Anvekar

Mumbai: The onion and potato traders at Vashi, who had earlier threatened to go on strike, have now called off the agitation.

The traders called off the strike after Chandrakant Patil Minister for Co-operation and Marketing put a stay on the state director of Marketing Subhash Mane's order of scrapping the six percent commission that traders take from farmers for selling their produce.

Traders from neighboring region including Nashik were already on strike after hearing Mane's decision.

However, on Monday the issue was discussed in Nagpur assembly by Chagan Bhujbal and Mathadi worker leader Narendra Patil after which Patil issued a stay on the order issued by Mane.

Traders were highly against Mane's decision of scrapping the commission.

Ashok Walunj, representative of onion and potato traders said, "We are just charging our fee from the farmers to sell their products in the market. We are not here to provide free service to anybody. Further, Mane had not even suggested any alternative method. He also asked us to take the commission from the buyers of the produce, which is insensible."

Traders at APMC are happy for the fact that Patil has now put a stay on the order.

Meanwhile, Mane who is going to retire this month said, "I will try my best to do justice to the farmers till the time I am on the chair."

The APMC market in Vashi gets around 100-150 trucks of onions and potatoes on a daily basis.

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