Mumbai: Plane delayed an hour as absent-minded girl forgets phone in loo

The girl started walking back to the terminal after she got off the bus near the plane and was stopped by CISF personnel

An absent-minded student, who forgot her mobile phone in the airport washroom and went to collect it just before she boarded an aircraft, caused a stir among security personnel on Saturday.

The passenger, Neha Jain, was to travel on 9W 381 (Mumbai to Bangalore). The flight was delayed for an hour due to the incident and she was declared off loaded.

Around 2.55 am on Saturday, Jain went back towards the terminal after getting off from the passenger bus near the aircraft. Nobody noticed the movement and she reached the bay where she was noticed by a CISF personnel deployed in the apron area.

On being questioned by duty personnel, she said she had forgotten her mobile phone in the washroom and was returning for collecting the same. Jain was then escorted by personnel to her boarding gate which was adjacent to the security ramp. Her security stamp was cancelled and she was taken to the airline counter.

Jain was, meanwhile, found missing during the headcount taken by the flight crew. While the crew tried to figure out where the missing passenger was, the CISF staff had taken her to the airline counter. By the time they informed the crew and the procedure for such a case was followed, there was a delay of about an hour.

Jain was later declared to be off loaded by the airline staff. She was also taken to the Airport Police Station, but was released after giving an apology letter to the police.

When contacted, a Jet Airways official said they did not want to comment on the incident.

Jumper had not been stopped

mid-day had reported in March how Jet Airways officials had not stopped a man who had jumped from the emergency exit of an aircraft that had landed in Mumbai from Chandigarh.

Barely had the aircraft come to a halt, when an impatient Akash Jain(30) opened the emergency exit, jumped off and coolly walked out of the terminal. In all this time, he was not stopped even once.



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