Mumbai police's 'VIP' treatment to Salman Khan leaves media fuming

Media accuses Mumbai police of having giving Salman Khan 'VIP' treatment during his court appearance on Tuesday despite the actor being an accused in a homicide case

Another chapter was added to Salman Khan's love-hate relationship with the media on Tuesday, though this time it was a negative episode.

Salman Khan
Salman Khan arrives at the Sessions Court on Tuesday. Pic/Bipin Kokate

The Bollywood superstar made an appearance at Mumbai's Sessions Court in connection with the 2002 hit-and-run case surrounded by a huge entourage of bodyguards and policemen. This left the gathered mediapersons upset since they couldn't get a glimpse of the actor or interact with him.

The media accused the Mumbai Police of having provided the actor with 'VIP' treatment since not only Salman's bodyguards, but a large number of policemen to were on hand to guard the star.

Salman's bodyguards
Salman Khan's bodyguards and cops shove mediapersons away from Salman Khan's car. Pic/Bipin Kokate

A photographer present at the court said, "He was being treated like a VIP. We were being pushed around by the police and this shoving led to a lense worth Rs 30,000 breaking. The camera of my friend also was damaged a little."

The media confronted the police for making Salman, who is accused of homicide, feel like a VIP.

The photographer said, "Not only were the bodyguards running with his car, but about 15 policemen were also following. They told us that they were doing it for security reasons."

Cops provide security cover to Salman Khan
Cops race ahead of Salman Khan's vehicle. Pic/Bipin Kokate

When the media questioned how the actor’s bodyguards were allowed inside the court room, the cops informed that they had taken the necessary permissions.

  • Joe Chaku07-May-2014

    What security threat does this goonda have He is a big threat to the common person, he gets drunk, gets behind wheels and mows down people. The common man needs security not this career criminal.

  • itsmesam07-May-2014

    Look like he didn't fasten his seat belt in the still. Why the hell cops are running ahead of his vehicle?

  • Kelpha07-May-2014

    This is good work by Mumbai police. Otherwise knowing reporters how they are, they would have converged on Salman like bees, disallowing him to move until he answered their queries. Media has no right to disallow anyone from moving ahead without answering. they have no right to complain

  • Indu07-May-2014

    But mid day guys, he IS a VIP. Had it not been for the police, the people who had gathered there would have trampled you poor media guys.

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