Mumbai Rains: Weather bureau predicts heavy downpour on Independence Day

Aug 07, 2017, 19:00 IST | Pallavi Smart

After a series of dry days, some parts of the city woke up to cooling showers this morning. Seen here are rain clouds over Kurla. Pic/ Satej Shinde

Mumbaikars, who have been sweating it out after the rain has been playing hide-and-seek in the past two weeks, will be happy to know that the monsoon has not ended yet. The weather bureau says the dry spell is just a perfectly normal lull in the rains, which will be back with a vengeance sometime around Independence Day next week.

While the beginning of July saw heavy and continuous rain, the past two weeks have witnessed sporadic showers at best, raising temperatures in the city.

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Krushnanand Hosalikar, deputy director general of the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) Mumbai, said, "The continuous heavy rain that we saw some weeks ago was because of the wind positions in the Bay of Bengal. Currently, the wind positions in the sea are not favourable for rain in Mumbai, which comes under the North Konkan belt. But, as wind positions continue to change, it is expected that by August 15-16, Mumbai could receive heavy rain. This does not mean that there will be no rain until then, but it won't be heavy. After August 15, 16, there will be widespread heavy rain across the region. Till then showers, that we term medium rainfall, will continue in different parts of the region."

He further explained, "Mumbai, which comes under the North Konkan belt will see rainfall of up to 65mm, till it reaches a point where sea wind will take over and wide-spread rain will happen. Such rain will be able to cover up for all the days that rainfall was absent or minimal."

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