Mumbai rains: They helped elderly cross roads, handed out food to passersby

Jun 20, 2015, 13:44 IST | Soni Pal

While most Mumbaikars chose to enjoy their forced day off sipping warm beverages at home or thronged sea-facing promenades, some decided to forgo the rainy-day pleasures and stepped out to help those in need.

From handing out food to passersby and helping the elderly cross the street, to opening manholes to let the water drain and then standing guard, several citizens made Mumbai proud by putting the needs of others before their own. Here are some of their stories:

The Good Samaritans

Sweety Jaiswal (18), student of Maharashtra college

We are helping old people cross the waterlogged road. We also helped a pizza delivery boy make his delivery on time. People are very cooperative.

Pooja Jaiswal (20), student of Elphinstone College

I have been distributing idlis to people who have been stranded on the road. A young girl from Goa had been brought to Mumbai for treatment at Tata hospital as she had fractured her leg. Due to the flooding, no taxi was ready to ferry them. However, we finally managed to help her parents get a cab.

Vijay Bhosale (45), shop owner

I have been on the road since 3 am because water entered our house. The downpour reminds of the 26 July deluge. We are asking people to stay toward the middle of the road instead of walking on the sides because of the open gutters. We are also helping ambulances pass.

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