In light of the recent horrific reports regarding kids that have been emerging from educational institutions across the city, citizens of Andheri's Lokhandwala, Shastri Nagar and Oshiwara, will be taking on educational institutions that don't follow proper safety norms.

On August 20, citizens will assemble at 5.30 pm near Lokhandwala Circle, and will march to the artificial pond on Backroad. More than 300 people are expected to turn up, including television actors and celebrities who live in and around the neighbourhood, which is home to nearly 10 schools/playschools.

Make schools accountable
Surjeet Singh Dadiala, one of the primary forces behind the protest, said, "The protest is for the safety of children in school premises. The assembling of the march will be at Lokhandwala circle, and we will walk through the main Lokhandwala market, finally concluding at the Ganesh Visarjan pond where we will light candles. Safety in schools is always a big concern, but off late, we have seen the number of unforeseen happenings are on a rise. Every time there is an unforeseen happening, the school hands over the concerned perpetrator to the authorities, but what about the school's accountability? We want that the school authorities should be made 100% responsible in such cases."

The protest is not just against sexual harassment of students in schools, but even violence against them there etc.

Memorandum to CM
Dhaval Shah, founder of Lokhandwala-Oshiwara Citizens Association (LOCA), the local residents' body, said, "We want to raise awareness through this protest and will submit our memorandum to the Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis about fresh regulations for schools to operate within, like CCTV cameras in all institutions, and no male staff in the classroom area. The demand is to reframe the rules of schools with immediate effect."