International Yoga Day is around the corner, and from the looks of it, four-eight-year-olds, are getting a head start with the mood and spirit of the day. Across two days, Ambika Tiku Hathiari of MomSays will be organising a yoga-themed session for kids across two venues - Nehru Centre and Kitab Khana to inculcate yoga among kids using story-telling. The workshop will be based on their yoga storybook, The Banyan Tree written by yoga teacher Nupur Sampat. “It is a fun-filled story that takes a child through essential yoga poses, while relating different animals to various yoga poses. When children learn through play, they remember all that they learn,” shares Tiku Hathiari.


At the end of the workshop, the children would have not only listened to a fun story but would have also learnt essential yoga poses, learnt how to meditate, and understood the relevance of ‘Om’, all taught in a language and manner that is best-suited for young minds. “For children participating in this event, we want them to enjoy learning yoga, and eventually ignite their interest in this ancient practice.”