Mumbai chills as winter arrives

Winter is finally here. And, Mumbaikars can already feel that nip in the air. City temperatures saw a drop over the last two days with a minimum temperature of 17.2°C being recorded last night. It rose by a degree today morning.

The Indian Meteorological Department has confirmed that the chill spell will continue for the next two to three days. A further dip in temperature is expected if the wind flow continues to remain same.

“There are northerly winds prevailing in the city, which is why there is a drop in temperature. Since the wind flow will continue for the next two days, Mumbaikars will experience temperatures ranging from 16-18°C. However, we won’t be able to confirm weather predictions for the days after that,” said VK Rajeev, director of the MET. According to MET, nights are chillier than mornings as the temperature drop is mostly seen in the night readings.

But, it is not only Mumbai that is experiencing this unexpected bout of cold weather. Temperatures are dropping all across state with Ahmednagar at 7°C, recording the lowest. It is followed by Pune (10°C), Nashik (10°C) and Jalgaon (16°C).