Mumbai: Senior citizens to have exclusive seats in local trains

In order to make journey comfortable for the senior citizens, 14 seats in suburban trains have been earmarked exclusively for them.

Out of the 14, 7 seats each have been earmarked in 2 coaches of general 2nd class compartments of suburban locals. The coaches in which the seats have been earmarked exclusively for senior citizens from Churchgate end i.e south end are in 12 car rake, 3rd and 12th coach and in 15 car rake, 3rd and 15th coaches.

This earmarking for Sr Citizens is for the entire working time of the suburban trains. Stenciled markings have been put on outer side, as well as inside the coaches indicating the accommodation earmarked for Sr. Citizens. A board is also displayed inside the coaches where earmarking for senior citizens is done. "Passengers are requested to cooperate with senior citizens and give priority to them on their earmarked seats," said a railway spokesperson.

The High Court has been taking cognizance on this issue for long. In fact in January they had asked the Western and Central railways to earmark such seats by mid-April but to ensure that they do not divert the seats earmarked to pregnant and physically challenged people for the same.

  • Ashalata Tawate08-Jun-2017

    Instead of reserving 7 seats each in two different coaches for Senior Citizens, it would be useful if the small compartment in the 3rd Coach consisting of 13 seats, is exclusively reserved for senior citizens. Persons occupying seats reserved for senior citizens are unwilling to vacate or offer nasty comments, which create mental tension to the senior citizens. There should be a small compartment exclusively reserved for senior citizens.

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