Mumbai: Sick of buses, couple uses company ATM card to buy scooter, held

Feb 01, 2016, 07:21 IST | Sagar Rajput

The temptation of zooming around in Mumbai on a two-wheeler proved to be too much for a couple, who decided to steal money to get the vehicle. Fed up of travelling by buses and trains and unable to afford a bike, the woman used her company ATM to get her boyfriend to buy a two-wheeler. Police recently arrested the couple identified as Aarti More (20) and Nilesh Pednekar (20).

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The Parksite police with the Activa the couple bought. Pic/Rajesh Gupta
The Parksite police with the Activa the couple bought. Pic/Rajesh Gupta

Assistant Inspector Vijay Jadhav from Parksite police station said, “The two were working in a private company, where they started dating and two years ago, they changed jobs. More joined the Ghatkopar-based Arihant Packaging Company, while Pednekar started working as a delivery boy with a cargo company.”

The couple travelled by public transport, and wanted a bike. “More had her company’s ATM card along with its pin number, so she gave it to her partner and asked him to withdraw Rs 60,000, which she claimed that her employer had agreed to give her,” added Jadhav.

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On January 17, Pednekar withdrew Rs 60,000 from a Parksite ATM, and bought an Activa for Rs 64,000 from Sai Auto Motors in his mother’s name.

“The case was registered on January 18, by the company’s manager, Sandeep Phadke and then, as part of investigations, we obtained CCTV footage from the ATM. We had started interrogating every employee of the company. More hadn’t reported to work for three days after the incident. We got her CDR (call detail record) and learnt that she had made many calls to the accused who was seen in the CCTV footage. During their interrogation, the couple confessed to the crime,” said Jadhav.

The couple has been booked under Sections 380 (theft) and 420 (cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property) of the Indian Penal Code along with Section 66 (C) (D) under IT ACT.

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