Mumbai: Sion Hospital doctor hangs self from fan

The 29-year-old pathology lecturer hung herself at her Pratiksha Nagar-home after returning from work

A pathology lecturer at Sion Hospital committed suicide at her residence by hanging herself on Saturday night.

As her colleagues or family members didn't notice anything wrong with her behaviour, the reason behind her suicide is still unknown.

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Dr Ashwini Patil (29) was found dead by her family members in her Pratiksha Nagar home after she returned from work.

She seemed normal
One of her colleagues told mid-day that she seemed calm and there was nothing suspicious about her behaviour.

“We didn't find her disturbed or distraught over anything. She wished every one good morning and was her usual self,” said a colleague.

When Patil returned home after completing her half-day shift at work on Saturday she appeared normal and later locked herself into the bedroom.

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Four of her family members — her husband, two-year-old son and husband's parents — were at the house at the time of the incident but neither came to know until they realised that she hadn't come out of her room for quite sometime.

“They only came to know when they realised that she hadn't come out of the bedroom even after they called out her name. It was when they broke open the door that they found her hanging from the ceiling fan,” said Police Inspector S Yedulkar, the investigating officer.

Ashwini's body was taken to Sion Hospital for post mortem where the forensic experts confirmed that she died because of asphyxia due to hanging.

The hospital's pathology department held a meeting on Sunday to discuss if the doctors were under any kind of professional stress.

'No work-related stress'
Dr Alka Kalgutkar, HOD of Pathology Department said, “I can assure you there is no work-related stress. We have sufficient doctors to handle the department and we maintain a very friendly environment here.”



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