Mumbai stalker's wife not surprised by his behaviour; praises victim for her bravery

Aug 09, 2017, 16:25 IST | Asif Rizvi

Accused Nitish Sharma (in blue) in custody for stalking Andheri resident Aditi Nagpaul (inset)

Accused Nitish Sharma (in blue) in custody for stalking Andheri resident Aditi Nagpaul (inset)

A day after the Amboli police arrested 37-year-old IT professional, Nitish Sharma, the police came across a Facebook post of a woman who claims to be Sharma's second wife. In the post, the woman has appreciated the action and bravery of Aditi Nagpaul, the victim, and has also asked her to not show any sympathy to Sharma as this, allegedly, is his usual behaviour.

Sharma was, on Tuesday, arrested just a few hours after Nagpaul lodged a complaint against him after he followed her car while she was driving back home and then reached her doorstep at 2 am.

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Nagpaul then alerted the watchman who asked Sharma to leave the building but he sat in the car below her building for at least 20 minutes. It was then that she took pictures of his car and him and shared them with the police and on social media asking people to identify him.

A police officer said, "The wife of the accused contacted the victim. She has stated the man has been married twice and has a four-month-old daughter but hasn't seen her since she was born. The woman has also said she had been trying to reach him for several months but he had changed his address and phone number."

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Mumbai stalker's wife praises victim, says it's husband usual behaviour

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