A mindless scuffle between two classmates has led to one of them nearly losing sight in one eye. The scuffle, involving two six-year-old Std I students of Ryan International School in Chembur, took place during recess yesterday.

While the injured kid’s parents have complained that his eye was hurt with a sharp object, authorities have stated that there was no sharp object in class during the incident. While no police complaint has been registered yet, parents have sent a legal notice to the school.

“We inquired with the other child, and he said his finger accidentally hit the student in the eye, and that there was no sharp object in his hands,” the school’s spokesperson said. However, Jaiprakash Agarwal, father of the boy, insisted that his son was injured with a sharp object, and that the school was hiding information.

“Doctors stated that his right eye’s retina has been disturbed, and he had to undergo a surgery with another follow-up surgery scheduled after three months. We are still not sure if he will have his full eyesight restored,” said Agarwal. “We want the school to take full responsibility and cover the expenses,” he added.