Mumbai: Man hangs self over being kept away from children

The couple had been married for over 11 years and also had two kids
The couple had been married for over 11 years and also had two kids

A 34-year-old man, allegedly harassed by his wife and kept away from his children, committed suicide by hanging himself. A resident of Andheri, Cavalon D’Souza hanged himself in his villa even as his mother was waiting for him downstairs to eat lunch together.

Depressed over children
Cavalon and Frenny got married in 2007 and while everything was all right the first few years, cracks started to appear as she was unhappy about Cavalon’s constant changing of jobs. In 2015, Frenny filed a complaint against him at the Powai police station after they had a fight over a man Cavalon spotted Frenny talking to.

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Another case was filed in January 2016, wherein Frenny sought divorce, and alleged that he was a drunk, had beat her up several times and sought money from her parents, following which Cavalon sought anticipatory bail from the magistrate’s court. However, as a consequence, the court directed him to not meet his children — 8-year-old Krystal and 6-year-old Leon. “He was very fond of his kids; he couldn’t stay a minute without them,” said Clive, Cavalon’s brother.

‘Just 10 minutes, mother’
According to Connie, Cavalon’s mother, on Friday, she called him for lunch after cooking his favourite prawn curry, to which he replied, “Just 10 minutes, I will be there”.

“I waited for some time and at 4.55 pm, I again went upstairs and I saw he was hanging from the ceiling by a rope. I shouldn’t have left him for those 10 minutes,” said Connie. Then D’souza family then called the MIDC police, which took body for post-mortem and registered an accidental death report.

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“My brother was depressed,” said Clive, adding, “As his wife has caused so much trouble, we are seeking legal opinion on how we should proceed further.”

The other side
Meanwhile, when mid-day contacted Frenny, she said, “I thought Cavalon would be the best husband on earth, but, from day one he started abusing me — physically, mentally and sexually. He demanded money from my parents and till last September, took more than `40 lakh. I filed a case of dowry and harassment against him, but till the end, he remained adamant. Also, I doubt he had committed suicide because the height of room is hardly 6 feet and he is 5’11”. Police must investigate this suicide.”

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