Three locked houses in Vikhroli east, Kannamwar society's building number 165 were robbed in the wee hours of Saturday. The police has found two cement stones in two out of three flats kept nearby the cupboards in which the robbed jewelery were kept. The families had been out of the city for summer vacations when the incident happened. A woman notIced three burglars while they attempted to rob another house in the opposite building and raised an alarm. The police was informed about the incident and the investigations in the matter has been initiated.

Mumbai crimePics/Rajesh Gupta

According to the police, the incident had occurred between 2am and 4am and in the morning, the incident came to light after the police received a call from the residents informing about the house breaking incident while conducting the panchnama the small size stones were found in the flats where the thiefs had sneaked in while they were locked from outside. The thieves entered the houses by breaking the locks of the main doors. The families residing in the flats were out of town when the incident happened. Prima facia it looks like more than one person is involved in the burglary, over Rs.13 lakhs worth jewelery has been stolen from three houses, two on the second floor and one on the fIrst floor which were of the same building.

Mumbai crimePic/Rajesh Gupta

Milind Dhuri, Air condition business and the victim who's second floor house was robbed said, total 7 lakhs including 70 cash was kept. Tagorenagar in Vikhroli east with family to meet my mother. My neighbour called up at 4:05am who told me that there had been a burglary at my house. I rushed to my house and found that the lock nob was cut and when I entered the house I saw there was a small piece of rock kept on a chair and cupboards were left open. On checking the lockers found the jewelry had been stolen and even cash was abcent. The burglars also took documents from the houses but dumped them in the ground nearby the building. The police was informed when a woman from the opposite building noticed some people trying to enter another house in the opposite building and she also raised an alarm after which they fled.

Sujit Mantri, another victim said, my sister resides in the house where the burglary has happened she was in Kankoli with family for summer vacations and their neighbours phoned them early morning and informed about the incident. My brother-in-law then phoned me and asked me to check the house when I reached here to her first floor house I found that the door was open and gold ornaments worth Rs. 2.5 lakhs were missing. Also I found a stone in the house which was similar to the other houses those were burgled. Another house on the second floor was also robbed while the family was in Parel at relatives house.

Senior police inspector, Shridhar Hanchate said, small sized stones were found at the houses but it cannot at present be ruled out that those were kept for identification of a particular gang. A case of house breaking has been registered and the team have been formed to detect the case.