The city's ticket checkers (TC) have decided to wear a black ribbon while they are on duty during Diwali to protest the railway administration's decision to hike their daily collection targets.

Representation pic
Representation pic

According to the TC union, the administration has increased the daily collection target by 100 per cent for the examiners on long distance trains and 60 per cent for local trains. Now, every TC has to collect R6,000 in fines on outstation trains, which was earlier Rs 3,000.

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Similarly, on local trains, the target has been increased to Rs 4,000 per day, which was earlier Rs 2,500. "We have requested the administration to roll back the decision. But, they are firm on it. We are not against the target and stringent monitoring of our work, but the target given for everyday collection has to be realistic," said a TC.

Ravinder Bhaker, chief spokesperson for Western Railway said the targets given are realistic and reviewed periodically as per reports and studies on ticketless travellers.

Rs 2.5k
Previous collection target on local trains

Rs 4k
Increased collection target on local trains

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