Toddler accidental death
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What was supposed to be a fun jump ended in tragic death for one Mohammad Araham. The three-year-old died on Saturday evening after a piece of plywood sliced his neck, while he was trying to jump to a plastic chair at a neighbour's house.

Araham was resident of the Pathan Masjid compound in Wadala. On Saturday evening, he went to a neighbour's house with his friends. According to a neighbour, while playing, he climbed on a ladder kept inside the house, after which he tried to jump to a plastic chair kept in front of it.

Unfortunately, "He lost his balance and fell on a plywood kept right next to the chair. The wooden part sliced his neck. He was rushed to a local doctor in the slum but was declared dead on account of excessive bleeding," said a neighbour. Araham's body was sent to Sion hospital for a post mortem.

The RA Kidwai Marg police station has registered an accidental death report (ADR). An officer from the police station said, "We tried to speak with Araham's friends, but they are too scared after the incident."

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