In what could be a serious accident, a goods train belonging to Bombay Port Trust rammed into an oil tanker at Sewri on Tuesday afternoon.

The incident occurred when a multi-axle oil tanker didn't stop before the tracks and ended up in the train's path. Sources said the incident happened at around 3 pm when the train was going towards BPT. Sources said that the tanker didn't move out of the train's path and even though the latter slowed down, it hit the tanker causing an oil spill. "There is no crossing there and normally trains pass after road traffic has stopped," said a fire officer.

The oil spill under the Eastern Freewauy led to a traffic jam.

The oil spill flooded the road right below the eastern freeway. Later, once the train and tanker were seperated, the locals were seen collecting oil and filling it in barrels even as firemen cordoned off the road to prevent any fire or other major incident.

The road has been blocked and this has led to a traffic jam in the area.