The transporters – namely trucks, tempos, goods carriers, multi-axels – have threatened to indefinitely suspend work from midnight of July 15. This was decided on July 2 where different transport associations in the state headed by the Bombay Goods Transport Association (BGTA).

The transporters have threatened to go on indefinite suspension of work. File Pic

Their protest could result in delays or suspension of transportation of vegetables, fruits, pulses and other essential commodities that are transported to various markets in Mumbai and nearby areas. Apart from this it could also hamper the supply the demand for these essential commodities, if the transporters decide to include these vehicles as well in their protests on July 15.

They are protesting against failure of the state government in implementation of order abolishing Escort fees which is directly linked to Octroi. The Escort charges are levied to escort the truck from one Octroi post to another, which is being opposed by them. These transporters have had meetings in the past with the Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan and other senior bureaucrats on this issue.

Ashok Rajguru, General Secretary of BGTA said, “In various cities of Maharashtra (except Mumbai), Octroi has been removed and Local Body Tax (LBT) has been implemented but still the local authorities are collecting Escort charges from the trucks.king to resolve the issue.fter the network issues are resolved, the markets will restart, the official said.