Mumbai: Two boys rescued from drowning at Aksa Beach

Jul 04, 2016, 06:52 IST | Tanvi Deshpande

Two teenage boys were saved from drowning at Aksa beach yesterday evening. Siddhartha Brahmabhat and Sudhir Brahmabhat, 15 and 17 years respectively, started wading into the water due to low tide but were swept in.

The lifeguards stationed at the beach spotted them and they were rescued safely by the the flood and rescue team of the fire brigade.

None of the boys suffered any sort of injury. They were handed over to Malvani police station and then sent back home.

Aksa beach has gained the reputation of being fatal after successive drowning incidents. In May, three college students drowned while on a picnic with two other friends, due to a sudden high tide.

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