Mumbai: Vanrani back in action sans paint, as Rs 90 lakh exhausted on track repairs

Jul 23, 2015, 07:28 IST | Ranjeet Jadhav

After incurring a loss of Rs 12 lakh in the last three months the services were shut for maintenance in the second week of April the toy train (Vanrani) at Sanjay Gandhi National Park was back on the tracks on Sunday.

However, despite the temporary suspension of services during the summer vacation and an investment of Rs 90 lakh, the maintenance work remains incomplete. Vanrani is one of the biggest attractions after the tiger and lion safaris at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

Its closure during the peak holiday season had left tourists and visitors unhappy. SGNP authorities claimed they had to initiate maintenance work in April, as a survey conducted by a panel comprising park authorities and experts revealed that the tracks and sleepers needed urgent repair.

An official, requesting anonymity, said, “As a part of the makeover plan, we had decided to repaint the entire train. The artist doing the job was supposed to paint wild animals and the park’s logo on the train.

However, the budget got exhausted in overhauling the tracks, sleepers, and basic engine repair. So, we have now decided to do the rest of the maintenance work later.”

Fact sheet
>> SGNP officials claimed the tracks and sleepers were last repaired in 1996
>> This year, tracks and sleepers were repaired on the 2.6-km stretch
>> There are plans to install solar-powered LED lights inside the tunnel through which the train passes

Rs 4k-6k
Approximate collection of the toy train on a weekday

Rs 20k-30k
Approximate collection of Vanrani on weekends

Rs 34 lakh
Revenue generated by the toy train annually

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