Wednesday night proved to be a miracle for three patients — a 30-year-old woman received a kidney, a 43-year-old man received a liver and a 29-year-old female received also received a kidney transplant.

William Lopez
William Lopez

All thanks to the family of William Lopez, who donated his organs after he died of brain haemorrhage on March 23.

“His wife, Joice, played a major role in taking the decision. William has always been a helpful man. Unfortunately, the eyes and skin couldn’t be donated due to the time gone by but we are happy that even in death, he gave new life to three people. The holy week expects us to help. What could be better than helping someone gain a new lease of life,” said Sanjay Lopez, William’s brother.

The 43-year-old estate agent was the sole breadwinner of a family of four, and is survived by a wife and two kids.

On Monday, at around 7.30 am, William complained of headache and vomited soon after. He was moved to Cardinal Gracious Hospital in Vasai. “The hospital asked us to transfer the patient to Hinduja Hospital at Matunga,” said Sanjay.

William had suffered a in hemorrhage due to a rapture of an internal vein though his heart and other organs were in perfect condition.

On Tuesday, William slipped into coma.

“The family wanted to donate every possible organ. Unfortunately, since weight of the donor’s heart did not match with a patient’s requirement, only his kidneys and liver were donated,” said a ZTCC official.