Mumbai: Woman dies due to electrocution at marriage function in Govandi

May 21, 2016, 10:33 IST | Silky Sharma

A marriage function at Baiganwadi area of Govandi turned tragic when a woman died due to electrocution. The deceased, Ajija Khan (51), was the bride Tabasuman Ansari’s aunt.

The incident occurred on Thursday evening at around 4 pm, during Tabasuman’s ‘haldi’ ceremony when Imran Ansari (26), one of Ajija’s nephews, was trying to connect decorative lights with a main switch. While working on the connection, Imran suffered a shock, due to which he fell unconscious. This led to the wire being dropped on Ajija, as she stood beside him. Ajija’s grandson, Atif Ansari (8) was also present at the spot and suffered a minor electric shock.

Imran and Atif fell away from the wire due to shock, which also saved their life, but the fallen wire remained stuck to Ajija’s body. Somehow the family members cut the live wire, separated it from her and immediately rushed Ajija to Sion Hospital.

According to the post mortem reports, Ajija was brought dead to the hospital. “It was a clear case of death due to electrocution and typical electric injury marks were seen on her right arm,” said a doctor.

“I was in Vasai, when I got the news about my mother. By the time I reached hospital, she was dead. We all were so happy, just a day before and the situation now has completely changed. Nobody ever thought that something like this could happen,” said 23-year-old Sakir, Ajija’s son.

The bride Tabasuman, and niece of Ajija, said, “After Haldi ceremony, I was in the room, I heard her scream and rushed out to the corridor. She was lying on the floor and shivering due to shock. Even I suffered a minor shock while I was trying to save her, but I couldn’t. She was like my mother. I couldn’t imagine my marriage without her. It’s a dreadful incident.”

After the mishap, the family is in shock but they haven’t postponed Tabasuman and Hasif Namid Ansari’s (bridegroom) marriage, which is on May 25.

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