A woman from Kandivali gave birth to a baby girl inside a train compartment on June 11. The incident took place late at Thursday night and both the mother and the baby were rushed to Kandivali's Shatabdi Hospital.

While the doctors announced both to be stable and moved them to the gynecology ward, they said that the further details could only be known in the morning post inquiry of the woman. At the time when mid-day checked, the newborn and the mother were taking treatment in the gynecology ward of the hospital.

When mid-day spoke with the in-duty Assistant Medical Officer, he said that that the mother and the child were admitted at around 11.23 pm at night. "Its a baby girl, weighing around 3 1/2 kilos, born inside a train compartment. Our emergency team as well as on duty gynecologists have checked the patient and the baby and there are no complications as of now."

"Tomorrow morning we will run some more tests and will get to know about the exact condition or state of the duo," added the doctor. 

According to sources, the incident took place at Kandivali car shed, but GRP officials weren't reachable to substantiate the claims.