Mumbai: Woman's leg stuck in crack near manhole for 25 minutes

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The leg of a 45-year-old woman got stuck in a crack near a manhole in Goregaon (E) on Sunday when she was walking at a footpath with her relatives near a popular mall. The fire brigade had to be called in to break the concrete. She was stuck at the place for almost half an hour.

According to a report in Times Of India, the incident took place at around 8.45 pm. The woman, identified as Didhavati Mohan, sustained minor injuries, the BMC disaster control room informed the paper.

The incident was reported by a citizen reporter, Amol Ghodke. He told the paper that he had spotted the crack long ago, but not was done about it, as a result of which Sunday’s incident occurred.

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The report further said that Ghodke and his wife were walking behind Didhavati and her family when she suddenly fell. He added that her relatives and others tried to take out a paver block near the crack, but could not do so. Eventually, the fire brigade and the cops had to be called in

“My wife's immediate reaction was that the woman had fallen into the crack that we had seen for a long time. We frequently visit the area and never allow our kid to walk on these footpaths out of fear of what will happen. What if any kid would have fallen into the crack,“ Ghodke told the paper.

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The incident comes even as the BMC polls are just a few weeks away.

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